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B2B Overview

Let’s work together.

We enjoy the collaboration process and look forward to working with you! More than just a concierge service, our mission is to enhance our members’ day-to-day lives in a healthy and educational fashion. From cosmetic care, nutrition, fitness, weight management – the options are limitless. 

Production Capabilities

Bath and Body

Relax your body and mind with our collection of all natural, vegan-friendly bodycare products including soaps, organic body butters and sea salt scrubs. All our products are handmade in the USA using cruelty-free ingredients.
We like to make it easy for you to find products which align with what you are looking for and your own values.  KRUSH products work on so many levels,  not only as skin care, but also as a tool to change the way you feel before, during, and after you use our skin care range. The feel and delicious smells are exquisite and beyond luxurious.
 KRUSH offers customized solutions for sensitive skin and special requests as well.  All of our products are Non-GMO, non-nano, soy free, gluten free, cruelty free; hand crafted and shrink wrapped in house by our staff.
Product Manufacturing Options
Bath Bombs (50mg – 1000mg) 7 Scents
Bath Salts (250mg – 3000mg) 7 Scents
Bath Steamers (250mg – 1000mg)   8 scents
Hand Crafted Soaps ( 7 scents)
Sugar Scrubs (250mg – 1000mg) 7 Scents
Bath Tea ( 12 Blends )
Infused Bubble Bath (4 Scents)


We are committed to providing the highest quality edible products in the market. KRUSH offers market standard vitamins, herbal supplements, full and broad-spectrum tinctures, vegan CBD gummies. What separates us from most manufacturers is our penchant for creating exotic herbal based blends infused within the selected edible. There are literally thousands of combinations, formulations and concepts that be created by our team.

We have experience working with health, wellness, CBD and cannabis companies of all sizes. Some of our standard services include; white-label and private label products, consulting, contract manufacturing, contract filling, bulk/wholesale products for manufacturers, and 3PL fulfillment services.

Reach out to one of our account executives to begin the process of working with our team.


Edible Options
Vegan Gummies

CBD – Hemp Derived Delta 9 – HHC – THCO- CBN – THCv – Delta 8 – Delta 10 – CBG – Isolate – Full Spectrum

Daily stock ranges from 450K – 1M pieces.

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, HRSO, CBN, Delta 8, CBG

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, CBN, HRSO, Vitamins, CBG, Delta 8, Hemp Derived Delta 9

CBD, Goodnight Blend, Delta 8, THCO, Full Spectrum

9 Herbal based blends


Our smokable selection has always been a step above the majority of what is available on the market. Starting with high quality flower, our process for creating unique products does not end with edible or bath and body products. We are at the forefront of infusing natural herbs in our CBD products, creating a memorable and favorable experience. The utilization exotic cannabinoids in our pre-rolls in addition to the herb base has been a customer favorite.

We offer six to eight strains daily, with eight possible terp profiles for infused pre rolls and caviar cones.

Vaping has become a popular choice amongst consumers due to its ease of use, potency and reaction time. Creating a custom vape with KRUSH could never be easier, we have experience in utilizing all of the major cannabinoids and a few exotic minors as well.

Smokable Selection
KRUSH Custom Pre Roll Blends

Keep Calm, Sensual Seduction, CreaTIV ( Sativa based), Goddess Love Potion, Vivid Dreams, Goodnight
Standard 1 gram Pre Rolls
Standard Caviar Cones in Raw Paper
KRUSH Caviar Cones, in King Size Hemp Rolls, infused with natural herbs, CBD or CBG, selected cannabinoid, and frosted with keif .

1 gram, Disposables
Dab Wax

Six flavors available


Our herbalists carefully blend selections of organic flowers, fruits, and herbs, to support and empower our customers; on their natural health journey. 

KRUSH Topicals are the perfect complement to many brands; and a wise choice for individuals looking to navigate towards current health trends.

 Just picture us as an extension of your health and wellness team.  At KRUSH we offer a wide variety of professionally crafted topical, wellness and fitness options.

Topicals Options

250mg – 1000mg, Optional Arnica, Menthol infusion.
Massage Oil

Post Workout – Deep Tissue, Sensual Massage Oil, Edible Massage Oil

Relief, Goodnight, Neuro Salve, Post Workout, Burn Salve, Tattoo Salve
Bubble Bath

Infused or Non Infused – 3 scents available.
Adult Collection

Hot Sex Honey