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KRUSH an Unapologetic Lifestyle Brand.

KRUSH is a lifestyle brand dedicated to shifting the social norms, of what health and wellness should look like. As active advocates for the hemp and cannabis cultures, we are determined to end stigmas associated with cannabis use forever.

KRUSH thrives by spreading the word about the beneficial properties of hemp and holistic alternatives for increasing vitality. We believe that building strong relationships within the industry is vital to our success and ultimate goal; which is to help others live their best life!

We also offer innovative wholesale and retail solutions to B2B and B2C clients worldwide. Our team believes in making impactful connections, establishing trust, and most importantly, creating partnerships, that are mutually beneficial and profitable. It is our personalized approach and transparency that truly sets us apart in the industry. With this philosophy, we can stand behind what we sell and avoid costly mistakes and delays.

​Sweat Equity. Your Brand. Your Passion. Our dedication to maximizing your investment in You. The KRUSH Brand helps owners world-wide by providing critical bulk product infrastructure and high quality specialized formulations without detracting from our clients footprint.  By allowing KRUSH to become a supporting cast in your production, we help to eliminate the middlemen; doing so allowing you to maximize profit.


Meet The Family

There are five companies that operate under the KRUSH umbrella: Health Klerk, KRUSH Denver, KRUSH Las Vegas, Nerdy Herb, Stock Formulators, some of operate in niche markets under a DBA.

Industries: Health + Wellness , Delivery Services, Fitness.


B2B – White Label Private Label

KRUSH successfully creates a clear separation from our competitors not just by offering unique, high-quality organic products; but by offering an unmatched personalized customer care experience.  We specialize in all natural, plant based product lines predicated on the amazing health benefits of our proprietary herb based formulations.

KRUSH offers wholesale services to all legal Staes within the US and International Export as well. We are fully equipped to handle the transportation, lab testing arrangements, quarantine, packaging, tax remittance, and basic fulfillment for your products. 

Contact via email: to discuss your wholesale needs.